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Window Security Shutters Providing Family Security

Window Security Shutters Providing Family Security

Are you the next target for thieves? Security Roller Shutters Say No!

Perth is no longer the sleepy city that everyone fondly remembers in the childhood years.

Home Burglaries are now occurring in Perth every 13 minutes, with 20% of these taking place while homeowners are home! Scary!  Security roller shutters may be the answer you’re looking for.

Uncovered windows and doors are targets and just placing the old security screen on the opening half of the window will no longer stop them. Thieves are more brazen than ever before and will have no issue breaking glass to gain access to your valuable home contents. Lost possessions of memorial value can be devastating to some. Being attacked in your home can be fatal and debilitating.

Home Alarm Systems and Cameras are no longer providing any real benefit to homeowners. Notifying you if a would be thief does enter your home and taking a photo only to realise he has a “hoodie” on simply does not stop them. Homeowners need to be more vigilant and smarter about their home security needs.

OzShut Roller Shutters have the answer! We can now stop them at the window ! You can have total peace of mind…

OzShut Roller Shutters provide a premium product that will not only cover the ENTIRE window, but contain automatic locking features that prohibit the roller shutter from being lifted when locked. OzShut has completed in excess of 70,000 installations across Perth. Some Insurance companies are now recognising the trend, offering discounts on Home & Contents Insurance. Check with your Insurance Provider to see if you can save on your premiums.

We hear feedback daily from our clients on how it has made a difference to them. Read some here.

Be Prepared! Be Vigilant! Don’t be the next statistic!


Call OzShut today and make your fee in-home assessment and discover why some many Perth Homeowners trust OzShut to protect their home and family.

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