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Trade-In and SAVE

Trade-In and SAVE

Why you should consider trading in your tired & outdated awnings, bars, screens or shutters and upgrading to OzShut Roller Shutters!


Most Perth homes have windows that face directly into the bright morning or hot afternoon sun. A bedroom window that receives morning sunlight can be very hard to sleep in, especially during Summer when the sun is up before 5am! Worse still are windows that face west and receive direct sunlight at the hottest time of the day. The rooms become uncomfortably hot and require the air-conditioning to run overtime to control the temperature.

Outside awnings are usually made of canvas and while they provide some shade to the window, do little in the way of blocking the light or preventing the transfer of heat.

OzShut Roller Shutters are designed for the Australian weather conditions. They are insulated to stop up to 90% of heat transfer. This means a cooler home during Summer and warmer through the Winter, resulting in a 30-40% saving on heating/cooling costs. Roller Shutters also give 100% control of the light, making them perfect for bedroom windows.

Canvas awnings are also very susceptible to the weather and tend to fade and deteriorate in quality over a short time. All OzShut Roller Shutters are made from powder coated, Marine Grade aluminium that will never rust or fade. OzShut stands by our high product quality with a genuine 10 year guarantee.

Unlike awnings which require you to go outside and change their position manually, Roller Shutters are conveniently controlled from inside the home. With a choice between a hand winder, electric switch or even remote control, there is an option to suit any size window and budget.

Security Bars & Screens

Metal bars or screens are installed on the outside of windows for security reasons. While the addition of bars will definitely prevent access to the home through the window, they are not asthetically pleasing and permanently obstruct the view from inside the home. Similar to looking out of a prison cell!

A security grill is only placed on the section of a window that opens, to deter entry through the easily removed fly screen. However, if an intruder has decided yours is the home they want to break into, they will simply smash through the section of glass that is not protected.
Similar to bars, they are also a permanent fixture and not particularly pleasant to look at or look through.

The appeal of OzShut Roller Shutters is that they cover the entire window for complete security but can then be opened to any level at the flick of a switch. Additionally the large range of colour options means they can actually be designed to enhance the look of any style home.

Not only are OzShut Roller Shutters the solution to all your window security, light and heat control needs they will also block out up to 50% of outside noise, give added privacy, weather protection and increase the overall value of your property.

So many practical benefits in the one product all with a 10 year gurantee makes OzShut Roller Shutters excellent value for money.

No wonder they are Australia’s most popular home improvement product!!

So take us up on the offer of trading in your old window coverings – we will pay you for them and remove them for FREE!!

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