OZSHUT Roller Shutters News
We will be returning for more roller shutters…

We will be returning for more roller shutters…

We have always considered putting in roller shutters to increase the security of our home block out light as well as noise and didn’t realise how great they would be. Oz Shut provided all of the above as well as keeping the rooms cooler. Wish I had done this when I was a shift worker, sleeping would have been so much better during the day.

As we couldn’t get all the windows done at the same time we felt no pressure from the sales team and they actually said they welcomed return customers so we will be returning for more roller shutters without a doubt this is our second fitting.

The experience has been a very pleasant one, from sales to the installation. Everybody treated us so nice and very professionally and we have highly recommended you to our family and friends.


Sandra & John Hessay

Seville Grove WA