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“The price was fantastic…”

“The price was fantastic…”

We have been in our home for 30 years and put our first Roller Shutter up about 18 years ago, then another through a different company, then another through a different company again. All three have been great but we certainly paid for them.

Then 3 years ago we decided to do another being a large window from floor to ceiling, I thought this will cost a lot.

We saw an advertisement on the television for OzShut giving great discount, so we rang and to my amazement the price was fantastic. This was a huge window and the Roller Shutter had to be electric.

Recently we decided to do the three last windows and without hesitation rang OzShut to come out and do a quote, again they didn’t disappoint me, one was on a winder and the two larger windows were electric.

If you want quality with a 10 year guarantee, great service with on time installation and without burning a hole in your budget then ring OzShut Roller Shutters. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Thank you to all concerned.

Kind regards

Mr. & Mrs. Staines