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The price once again was pretty amazing!..

The price once again was pretty amazing!..

Hi Mark,

Once again, thank you for all your help with arranging more shutters for my home.  I can’t say enough about your friendly manner and the way you made the whole experience so easy.

After having shutters installed last year to some of my windows, I was happy to receive a call from OzShut offering the opportunity to talk about the possibility of purchasing more.

The shutters I originally had put in have given me a good feel about the security in my home. The security isn’t the only benefit of Roller Shutters.  The house is cooler with the shutters down in the hot weather and in the winter, the inside of the house stays warm.  Noise reduction is a great benefit. My neighbours have a noisy air conditioning system near to my bedroom window.  Since having a shutter put on this window, I do not hear any noise from this unit, which adds to a better nights sleep.

With the new shutters, the windows are close together which originally posed an issue with space.  You were able to come up with an extremely satisfactory solution, offering a fixed panel and a pull down shutter, which looks very neat and is perfect for my needs with that room.

The installer Adam was very polite and tidy. The electrician was also very friend and equally efficient.

The price once again was pretty amazing! Due to circumstances, I was a little hesitant and I did feel cheeky asking for a price of a little less, but you assured me that it was perfectly okay to ask.  Again, as with the first lot of shutters purchased, these new ones were installed at what I believe is a fantastic price.

I am more than happy to display the OzShut sign and I have been amazed to see the number of  signs from OzShut popping up in my suburb over the last year and a half.

Thanking you Mark for another great experience with dealing with yourself and Oz Shut.

Kind regards Kathryn.