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Thank you OzShut for giving us pensioners a great deal…

Thank you OzShut for giving us pensioners a great deal…

We had an OzShut Roller Shutter installed a few years ago to cover the window of the main bedroom, which in the summer, became like a sauna due to long hours of afternoon sun. It made a big difference allowing our one air conditioner in the lounge to extend it’s cooling to the bedroom. As other windows of the house are not directly affected by the sun were not going to fit anymore.

But after a surprise visit recently by a very personable OzShut salesman, decided to at least get a quote on three windows and two sliding glass doors covering the core of the house. His visit was followed by another helpful gent by the name of Shaun who measured up and gave the quote which unfortunately was way more than we pensioners could afford. I thought that was the end of it, but Shaun went out of his way by phoning a manager to get a reduction in price. But it was still way more than we could afford but after some more phone calls and some negotiation was pleasantly surprised to have our max budget accepted with some conditions related to advertising.

Was also pleasantly surprised by the short time it took from initial consult to 6 days later had all our Roller Shutters fully installed. Both Installer and Electricians very pleasant to deal with and all did a good tidy job with good placement of switches. Impressed by smooth, quiet operation of large Roller Shutters covering the sliding glass doors. Already noticing increased thermal efficiency through reduced heat loss which I am sure will translate to greater cooling efficiency during the hot summer months to come. Thank you OzShut for giving us pensioners a great deal.

Steve Chapman

Thornlie 6108