OZSHUT Roller Shutters News
We were really quite thrilled…

We were really quite thrilled…

Dear Mark,

Please find attached photos of the front of our house before and after having OzShut Roller Shutters installed.

We had thought about Roller Shutters for a couple of years and thought they would be too expensive for us to have fitted.  After meeting with you and finding out the real cost of having Roller Shutters installed we were really quite thrilled.

The timing from your visit to installation was amazing, from the initial measure to the follow up phone calls, re-measure and installation within a week.

We have already noticed the difference in the amount of road noise with having the Roller Shutters installed and as we only had the Roller Shutters installed at the front of the house are now planning to have them installed on other windows as well.

A special thank you to the installer who provided efficient, friendly service, with the installation completed including clean up within two hours.

Thank you Mark and thank you OzShut.

Kind regards,

Ron & Amanda Vowles