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Overall a great experience…

Overall a great experience…

Dear Mark,

Please accept our gratitude towards you and Oz Shut.

Prior to having the shutters installed I was dealing with light and noise coming through the windows, now I have neither and am truly grateful for the peace and darkness.

I was very impressed with the way in which you handled our enquiries and any objection we initially had. You were very informative and worked with us to get a great outcome for both parties.

I was also super surprised at the efficiency in which the shutters were installed.

A big thank you to the installer, I had concerns regarding the closeness of my garden to the windows and worried about the plants getting damaged.

I got home from work only to see the shutters installed and it was like nobody had even been in the garden. Thank you.

The electrical work from Stefan was great, again no mess to clean up afterwards and everything where we wanted it.

Overall a great experience. After putting off shutters for so long, I’m glad we went with a company that prides themselves on quality and customer service.

Many thanks,

Andrew & Shelley Watt