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“Our home has been transformed…”

“Our home has been transformed…”

To all at OzShut,

We really cannot thank you enough. Our home has been transformed by your Roller Shutters. Our 2 sons bedrooms were like saunas early morning and they constantly moaned about waking up roasting, no more, they now have dark, cool rooms and won’t come out.

We didn’t expect to feel such a difference but having them fitted on a day where the temperature was above 30 degrees, we instantly felt a huge difference when we put the aircon on cool. We actually turned it off after a few hours and the house stayed very comfortable. From a security point, being on a corner block, we now feel very safe.

The Roller Shutters are an addition to our home that we really wish we’d added sooner and we will certainly highly recommend OzShut Roller Shutters to anyone for your professionalism, very high standard of workmanship and quality product.

Yours faithfully

The Rutter Family