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My experience with every person in your team has been amazing…

My experience with every person in your team has been amazing…

A few weeks ago, I made an appointment to have someone come out and talk to me about OzShut Roller Shutters.

Peter arrived on time and was very well presented. He made my husband and I feel at ease immediately with his knowledge and his humour. He was the best salesman I have ever had to deal with. Most are pushy and arrogant but not him. He knew his product well and it made the decision to proceed with the sale quite easy. I’ve since recommended him to all that will listen. Very, very impressed with him.

The man that came to do our check measure was also lovely. He went through everything with me and when asking about which side to put the winders on I said both left. Off he went to his car and I quickly panicked, thinking I had made the wrong decision on one of the winders, I ran out to him before he drove off and asked him to please come inside and have a look, he did so without hesitation. He also took his boots off at the door which although wasn’t needed, I thought was very respectful. He gave me his honest opinion and we changed that winder to the left. He changed the paperwork with no problems. He made me feel very at ease.

Sabino came out a few days later to do the install. A very nice guy, good humour. He double checked everything with me and before he got to work, I voiced my concern about one of the Roller Shutters being right behind my frangipani tree. I knew it was going to be a pain and he assured me he would do his absolute best to be careful of my tree and my plants. True to his word, he kept all my plants in one piece, I honestly don’t know how he did it! But I’m glad he did. Sabino also gave his expert advice on where to put the winders height wise. He also took into consideration my son’s skull collection hanging on a shelf and worked the winder so that it wouldn’t hit the shelf.

He got me to try both windows, showing me and teaching me how they worked. Very pleased with his service.

All in all my experience with every person in your team has been amazing. My husband and I are so happy with our new OzShut Roller Shutters and are telling everyone about our great experience.

Please pass on our thanks to all that was involved.

Shane and Nicky Harrison