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Can not begin to describe how happy I am…

Can not begin to describe how happy I am…

Dear Chris,

Where do I begin, I cannot begin to describe how happy I am with my OzShut Roller Shutters. I have wanted to get them ever since I have moved in and have finally had the opportunity to get them installed.

The service and dedication Chris displayed reassured me that I have chosen the right business to carry out these works for me. The prices they offered were the most fair and reasonable for the quality of the materials used. I have to say a special thanks to the friendly team who did the installation as well, it was timely, neat and seamless.

During this time I have been undertaking some renovations to my property and I must say the look of the house is completed now with my OzShut Roller Shutters.

They have been keeping my house warmer at night and I am finding I am using the heater less and on lower settings. The noise reduction is superb, I cannot tell when it is raining heavily. I think my favourite part of it is being able to wake up on the weekend at any time and keep having a sleep in from the excellent light blockage!

Thank you for making my home feel like a cozy, safe castle.

Kind Regards,