OZSHUT Roller Shutters News
“By far the best on the market…”

“By far the best on the market…”


Gail and I purchased our house a few years ago. One of the features which attracted us to the house was the added benefit of Roller Shutters fitted to various windows. We found the Roller Shutters had both security and weather benefits and enjoyed their use.

After a couple of years, the Roller Shutters started to break down and we found that obtaining parts or service was impossible to find. We researched the products and services of manufacturing companies and found without question the services provided by OZSHUT Roller Shutters are by far the best on the market.

This proven track record as well as a superior product has influenced our decision to replace the existing Roller Shutters with the OZSHUT system.

We had fun designing the new Roller Shutters with no pressure from the representative and listened carefully to the recommendations which actually made sense considering the system that was already in place. We were happy with the service and finished product which was installed within the timeframe quoted to us.

We are now reaping the benefits of workable Roller Shutters that enhance the presentation of the house to us and the public. So, without question we thoroughly recommend OZSHUT Roller Shutters to everyone.

Robert and Gail Pringle