‘Best decision we have made for 2019…’

‘Best decision we have made for 2019…’

Good morning Rod,

Just wanted to give you some feedback after recently having OzShut Roller Shutters put on our whole house.

We have often thought about it over the past few years on and off and after finally making the decision to go ahead, we are very happy with our decision.  We originally were only going to get 3 windows done but after chatting with you and deciding to get the whole house done, we are very happy we did, best decision we have made for 2019.

They certainly have made a difference with the rooms being a lot cooler and darker.

We found the service very pleasurable and professional from the start, with talking to you right to the end with the Roller Shutters being fitted, well done to all involved.

I have attached before and after pics.

The guys have put one sign up in the front yard on the side of fence facing out towards the roundabout and we have checked it out and as you drive through the roundabout, if you look to the left you can see the sign very clearly.

Thanks so much again for everything.

Kind regards

Daryl & Shane Walton