I can’t believe how good it looks…

I can’t believe how good it looks…

Good morning,

Here are photos of the Roller Shutter we had installed recently.

I can’t believe how good it looks, in fact installing the Roller Shutter has made us realise how unsightly the security grill is!

The reasons for choosing a Roller Shutter have been dealt with too. The light it blocks out is amazing and also it really helps with the noise.

I have also been really impressed with the service. Especially Adam who came and introduced us to the product and the installer was so helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. Adam was very friendly and keen to help in any way he could.

I would be happy to recommend OZSHUT to all friends and family.

With thanks

Mala Murphy


We now have 9 Roller Shutters on our house, all by OzShut and we love them…

We now have 9 Roller Shutters on our house, all by OzShut and we love them. It keeps the noise out and it helps the air conditioner keep the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Plus the extra security it creates when we go away is fantastic. It gives us peace of mind.

Patricia Dixon


We are very happy with how this was installed…

We are very happy with how this was installed, its quick and done to a good standard and they’ve cleaned up the area after the work was completed.

The OzShut Roller Shutters gave our room that dim light we were looking for during midday and we love that we can still have tiny spaces in between the Roller Shutters to let some light and air in.

Thank you very much and hope to get the rest of the windows done as well.


Jan Manlapaz


Once again a professional & courteous effort…

Once again a professional & courteous effort from the salesman, measurer & fitters. Also the support staff who rang to confirm appointments and keep us informed. These are the last windows we will be doing as all our windows are now covered and we are comfortable with the security of our home when we are away. Good job everyone. Thankyou.

Carole & George Noble


A great service and quick turnaround…

Hi Robert

Thank you for a great service and quick turnaround.  I am very happy with the results.  I would recommend OzShut Roller Shutters to everyone.  I am a very happy customer.

Attached are before and after photos.

Margot Berrer


Early morning rises are a thing of the past…

Hi Rob,

The Roller Shutters installed by OzShut to the front of our house are performing well. Our little boy was getting us up really early in the morning – now that we can choose to block the light out completely, early morning rises are a thing of the past. The insulating qualities of the Roller Shutters are also having a huge difference to the amount of heating we are doing as the weather cools.


Damien Patterson

Dealing with OzShut was an absolute pleasure…

We installed our Roller Shutters as we both work shift work and often are required to sleep during the day. We love that our OzShut Roller Shutters turn day to night at the click of a switch. Additionally, the noise reduction makes an enormous difference when sleeping during the day. Our entire process from the demonstration of the Roller Shutters to the installation was a professional and an easy process to be a part of.  We are extremely happy with the product we have purchased and dealing with OzShut was an absolute pleasure. Thanks for a great experience and a great product. We would highly recommend your product

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

Paul Konowalow


It’s great to be able to sleep again…

The Roller Shutters installation went smooth as silk and look great as you can see from the pics. The kids say it’s great to be able to sleep again without the street light blaring through the front windows, but better still we hardly notice the gale force easterly winds we get here in Byford that used to make us think the windows would cave in.

On a personal note I am loving the total darkness I can get in my theatre room when they are closed up.

Regards, Rowan Joyce

An affordable option without having to compromise on quality…

Dear OzShut

Thank you for such a fast and convenient service.  We were very happily surprised by the fast turn around from the initial consultation to 7 working days later and we have all our Roller Shutters fully installed.

Your contractors were very considerate and thorough in explaining all aspects of their jobs.

The kids are loving the reduction in light and noise too, maybe a little too much.

As I run a family day care business from home, it’s great to have the extra safety & security over the windows. I have already referred your service to a couple of my clients that have been quite impressed by mine.

Thank you making this an affordable option without having to compromise on quality.

Kind regards

Yolande & Peter Watterson


Very happy with our new additions to the house…

Thank You OzShut Roller Shutters we are very happy with our new additions to the house. They have made the house cooler and reduced some of the noise from outside. We also feel it gives us more security and gives us peace of mind.

Nicole Beecroft