Your service to us has been impeccable…

Your service to us has been impeccable…

Thank you for the terrific service in having our new OzShut Roller Shutters installed.

Your firms service was excellent and your office kept us up to date on all of your processes performed, including measure, installation and electrical connections on time and with no fuss.

The product is high quality and your service to us has been impeccable.

Thank you for great service…

We recently had OzShut Roller Shutters installed to the front of our house. It is a quality product, delivered with fast and friendly service at an affordable price. Looks nice too. It was installed by Malcolm, whom I highly recommend. Thank you for great service.

Your quality and value for money speaks for itself…

Thanks Roberto and OzShut for the fantastic job, my wife and I are really happy with our Roller Shutters. We would highly recommend you to anyone considering getting Roller Shutters, your quality and value for money speaks for itself

“Our home has been transformed…”


To all at OzShut,

We really cannot thank you enough. Our home has been transformed by your Roller Shutters. Our 2 sons bedrooms were like saunas early morning and they constantly moaned about waking up roasting, no more, they now have dark, cool rooms and won’t come out.

We didn’t expect to feel such a difference but having them fitted on a day where the temperature was above 30 degrees, we instantly felt a huge difference when we put the aircon on cool. We actually turned it off after a few hours and the house stayed very comfortable. From a security point, being on a corner block, we now feel very safe.

The Roller Shutters are an addition to our home that we really wish we’d added sooner and we will certainly highly recommend OzShut Roller Shutters to anyone for your professionalism, very high standard of workmanship and quality product.

Yours faithfully

The Rutter Family


A very happy customer…

I am very happy with my Roller Shutters. I initially needed one for the large window facing the street for security reasons. My house is a new build and during the construction phase, this window had been smashed several times.

The day after I received my keys, your consultant Sheenam came out to the house and I had my shutter installed within the week. Sheenam was very professional, and her knowledge and belief in the product is what made the decision to go ahead very easy.  At this point, only the large front window had a shutter installed. I was extremely pleased with the amount of light and temperature control the shutter provided and the level of noise reduction, especially with construction going on around me.

After some time had passed I had some concerns for the small window. Again, safety came to mind first as it was big enough for a body to fit through and also every time I walked by it, I could feel the temperature difference between the shuttered part of the room and the unshuttered small window. I met one of your promo team at my local shopping centre and I discussed the issue I was having with the smaller window and she immediately set up an appointment for another consult. Again, Sheenam came out to the house and we discussed my needs. Having the same consultant come out made everything go that much quicker as she was familiar with the house and was able to tie in the new shutter with the previous one and give me the best possible option to suit me.

Since then I’ve had piece of mind regarding the security of my home as well as no annoying temperature or light differences in the affected room. I’ve enclosed progressive pictures to show what an improvement your shutters have also made to the appearance of my house.

Thank you OzShut! Your product and excellent service has made me a very happy customer.

Regards, Sonia Chandy