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display-home-promotionsCan you help us advertise in your local area?

Many of us know today, that the cost of advertising is very expensive. Goods and services we buy today include that marketing cost. We also know that one of those forms of advertising – “Word of Mouth” or referral type advertising generate the best forms of advertising for most businesses today. Tradespeople are an example where word of mouth referral advertising works very well.

The OzShut® sign is used to generate exposure in different areas and helps generate enquiries for our product. Have you seen our signs?

If you said yes, then you are one of thousands of people who have also seen our signs. It is quite possible that that sign you saw was a “display home” participant.

The way it works is very simple. If you the homeowner can help with our advertising endeavours, then that money that is normally spent through other forms of advertising like newspapers and TV is offered as a reduction off the normal retail price.

OzShut® is always looking for good locations that can get us exposure, so ask about the “Display Home Savings” programme when you make your free in-home appointment today!

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