Perth Display Homes Needed NOW

Do you live on a busy street? Near schools, parks or shops? Can you help us advertise in your local area?

We want to PAY YOU!!

The OzShut® advertising sign is used to create awareness of our company throughout the suburbs of Perth. Have you seen our signs?

If you said yes, then you are one of thousands of people who have also seen our signs.

The way it works is very simple. If you can help with our advertising campaign by displaying our company sign for an agreed period of time then the money that is normally spent through other forms of advertising like newspapers and TV is offered as a substantial reduction off the normal retail price of your Roller Shutters.

When you make your free in-home appointment we will measure your windows, show you the product in more detail and most importantly show you how little it can cost for a genuine OzShut Roller Shutter with Display Home Savings!

OzShut is always looking for locations that can get us good exposure so let us make you an offer too good too refuse!!!

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