Request After Sales/Service Repair

If you are experiencing technical problems with your rollershutters you should contact our Service Department on 13 20 68 or email A time can be made for our Service Technician to come and assess the problem.  Most problems are corrected on-site and there is no need to remove the rollershutters.

Electric Upgrades are common with those who have chosen manual operations. Please call 13 20 68 to discuss what is required for your rollershutter and the associated costs of the upgrade.

We can repair and upgrade most makes and models of rollershutters. Services are charged by call out fee plus parts and labour. Call our service department on 13 20 68 or email to to find out more.

If your roller shutters need servicing simply fill in the form below….

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If No, Call out fees, labour and materials may be charged depending on the repair required.

Frequently Asked Questions – Service Troubleshooting

Q: When I go to close my rollershutter, it won’t come down and the strap on the inside is all loose. Is this normal?
A: Many people think that when the bottom bar hangs just below the line of the pelmet box (about 15mm) that it is not open fully. This is incorrect. The bottom security bar must be part engaged into the entry guide in order for it to close again. Therefore most people will “overwind” the rollershutter. Inside the bottom security bar is a locking clip which prevents it from rolling back inside the box and this clip will catch on the entry sleeve at the top of the guide. As a result it will lock in the entry guide and catch. To correct this, simply tug on the bottom security bar gently and catch the curtain as it comes back down the guide. This should correct the problem and remember – do not overwind.
This applies only to MANUALLY OPERATED shutters. If it is electric, the setting limits need adjusting and you should call service on 13 20 68.

Q: When I close the rollershutter, some light trickles through and I cannot get it to close completely.
A: Common problems that can be avoided by making sure you maintain your rollershutters by cleaning them regularly. Even though OzShut® Rollershutters are maintenance free, we still need to ensure that every 3-6 months they are cleaned. Dirt and grit can sometimes catch in the joins between the slats and prevent the slat form closing properly. Simply use warm soapy water with a soft brush and clean down the curtain. Make sure you rinse off any detergent residue.

Q: I have noticed some noise coming from my electric rollershutter.
A: Remember there is a motor inside the axle inside the pelmet box. It will make some noise and most of this is not the motor itself. It is mainly the slats rolling around the axle as it goes up and down. This is quite normal. OzShut® uses a sealed bearing and this helps eliminate most of the noise associated with rollershutters unlike exposed bearings used by some other companies.

Q: I have manual winder controls and the handle turns in the opposite way to the “night” and “day” modes as shown on the winder. Can this be fixed?
A: Yes. A some stage the winder may have been overwound. When it has be wound to the end of the tape, it will turn in the opposite direction due to the way it is connected to the internal drum. The way to correct this to keep winding the tape until it turns in the correct direction. Do not be concerned with the slack on the tape as this will eventually tighten and correct itself.