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Security Roller Shutters

Security Roller Shutters

Keep your home & family safe by installing OzShut’s Security Roller Shutters.

With thousands of home break-ins throughout Perth each year, having adequate home security is a must. Not only do OzShut’s security Roller Shutters provide highly effective window & door protection, they are a modern, versatile and cost effective addition to any home.

The most common entry point for any home break in is through an easily accessed window or door. Sometimes this is because they have simply been left open or unlocked! (Read our article about common home security mistakes that can make your home an easy target). But even with good quality deadlocks, a determined burglar will rarely hesitate to just smash through the glass.

Security measures such as an alarm system, CCTV cameras, heavy duty locks, perimeter fencing and guard dogs all help towards protecting your home however fail to prevent access to fragile, exposed windows.

The security features of OzShut Roller ShuttersOzShut’s Security Roller Shutters are manufactured from high quality Marine Grade Aluminium. This material is used for its strength, durability and resilience to weather.

All OzShut Roller Shutters are professionally installed into the brickwork around the outside of a window, door or other suitable opening. They are secured with heavy duty, stainless steel masonary fixings so can not be easily removed during an attempted robbery!

The moveable Roller Shutter curtain is held in place by heavy duty side tracks with a reinforced security bar across the bottom. These features keep the curtain from being pulled outwards away from the window.

When completely closed, an automatic locking system activates from inside the top pelmet box, preventing the Roller Shutter being lifted upwards and forced open.

Many homeowners begin by installing Security Roller Shutters on the front windows of their house. This provides a fantastic visual deterrent to thieves looking for an easy target.

Apart from their popularity for home security, OzShut Roller Shutters also boast a range of other benefits. They can provide a solution to all your window covering needs! These include light & noise control, reduced heat transfer, privacy and weather protection . Visit our Product Information page to learn more.

Free in-home assessment

We offer all homeowners an obligation free in-home consultation. An OzShut team member will access your security needs, show you the product in more detail and measure & quote the windows you may be interested in.

With thousands of Perth homes already secured by OzShut, can you afford not to learn exactly why?

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