Roller Shutters - SecuritySecurity

Many of us today seem to take the security of our homes for granted. Not only do Roller Shutters provide a visual deterrent, the auto locking features in the pelmet box also eliminate windows being smashed or opened. Once in the locking position and fully closed, the curtain cannot be lifted to create entry for the would be thief very difficult. Security Screens over opening parts of windows no longer will protect your family. Thieves are more brazen than ever and will smash windows to gain access to your valuables.

The bottom security bar on the OzShut® Roller Shutter adds the fourth dimension to the strength required. This is a standard feature which does not cost extra as with some other companies.

Stop them at the window! No need for expensive monitoring contracts and security guard call out fees. Let’s be honest…who pays attention to alarms going off anyhow? Just putting warning stickers on windows will not stop them. The family dog is a pet and is no match to skilled thieves who know how to bypass your family canine.

Gates and fences can be scaled and inferior door and window locks make it easy for them to gain entry.

Roller Shutters - InsulationInsulation

Did you know that Western Australia is one of the only states in Australia that builds in double brick as standard? This very important feature adds a natural level of insulation to the home. In addition, roof insulation is now mandatory in new home construction. What about the windows? Did you know that most of the heat and cold transfer happens through your windows?

The slats of the OzShut® Roller Shutter are insulated with high density polyurethane which reduces heat/cold transfer by up to 90%! Reduce your air conditioner running costs by up to 40%. You too can do your bit for the environment. Prolong the life of you air conditioner and having it running more economically…you save money and the environment at the same time! You can do the same in winter also, by stopping the heat escaping through your windows. No more mouldy condensation on your window frames…ever!

Roller Shutters - Light ControlLight Control

OzShut® Roller Shutters allow you the homeowner to control the light no matter what the application. With the advent of daylight savings, families with children can now control sleep patterns with minimal impact. Even getting the young ones down for the daily nap is a cinch. The diversity of the Roller Shutter means it can be closed at any height in the track to reduce glare or harmful UV rays.

The perforation holes in the slat allow some filter of light also and with UP TO 100% of light block out (depending on the type of fitting used for a particular home), shift-workers are able to sleep soundly during daylight hours. Do you work different shifts? You can have your sleep back!

With many new homes having the home theatre, nothing beats the rollershutter for light control. You will feel like you are at the movies!

Do away with those old faded and tatty awnings and upgrade to rollershutters. Guaranteed never to fade or warp and a powder coated finish, the slats will stand up to the harsh sun and will not rust due to the marine grade aluminium material.

Roller Shutters - Noise ControlNoise Control

In today’s ever changing world we sometimes take things for granted – like noise pollution. Whether you live on a busy road, near the airport, or just have dogs in your neighbourhood continually barking, OzShut® Rollershutters can reduce the noise by up to 50%. Keep the serenity of your home calm and keep out those noisy neighbours or maybe the weekend warrior up at 7am with the lawnmower going when you’re trying to sleep in!

Young families with babies particularly find this feature handy and can help Mum get that well earned rest. Shift-workers will love the quiet time also amongst all the other benefits. How could you be without a rollershutter on your window?

Roller Shutters - Weather ProtectionWeather Protection

As well as keeping out the harsh sun, OzShut® Rollershutters keep you number one asset safe from the world’s sometimes harsh climate.
Heavy rain and hail is no match for the rollershutter. Exposed windows will take the full force of the weather especially the wind.

The CSIRO Appraisals Technical Assessment 329, states the aluminium rollershutters are suitable for the protection of windows from radiant heat from bushfires and satisfy:

  • Clause GP5.1 (volume 1-class 2 to 9 buildings) and Clause P2.3.4 (volume 2-class 1 & 10 buildings the Australian Building Code of Australia 2005.
  • Satisfies the requirement of level 2 construction for protecting window openings from radiant heat in a high category bushfire as defined in AS 3959 – 1999 Construction of Buildings in Bushfire – Prone Areas.

Roller Shutters - Ventilation & PrivacyVentilation & Privacy

With large perforation holes in the slat, this feature allows constant ventilation of air through the windows whilst open (depending on the operation of your window), thus working well with evaporative air conditioners which require the window to be open a little for maximum cooling effect. With blocks of land getting smaller and getting more expensive, we are just about living in each other’s pockets. The need for privacy has been more than ever so now you can keep those prying eyes out of your home! It is important to note that the rollershutter cannot be locked automatically if the perforation holes are OPEN or partly ventilated!

Roller Shutters - Asset ImprovementAsset Improvement

As one of the most popular home improvement products on the market today, they do add value to the home at sale and add features that make your home more desirable on the “for sale” market today. With so many people today investing in rollershutters for their home, we regularly have enquiries form people wanting more rollershutters because they had them on the old home that was now been sold.

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