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OzShut Roller Shutters Block Out Heat by up to 90%

OzShut Roller Shutters Block Out Heat by up to 90%

Is your Home turning into an oven? Can OzShut Roller Shutters help?Heat

Did you know that radiant heat from the Sun transpires through your home’s glass windows? Regardless of whether you have some sort of window treatments like a blind, heat still enters the home. As the air in the home is heated up it rises. In most cases is kept in the home by the roof insulation which has now been mandatory in all new home builds. OzShut Roller Shutters can help!

The OzShut Roller Shutter can instantly reduce this heat transference by UP TO 90%. OzShut uses a HIGH DENSITY POLYURETHANE as STANDARD in all its slats which are exclusively made for OzShut. Most homes today have some sort of air conditioning (whether it be reverse cycle or an evaporative system) but these can be costly to not only install but also to run. Rising electricity prices are affecting everyone it seems. Homeowners with OzShut Roller Shutters are providing feedback that some are saving as much as 40% off their power bills as the air con is not working as hard or as long.

Air Conditioning works extremely well with the OzShut Roller Shutter. It blocks out the heat but allows the internal air of the home to be cooled down. Air con thermostats can then maintain the required 23 degrees quite easily. This means the air con works more efficiently and is able to maintain the desired temperature you want.

Investing in the OzShut Roller Shutter will add value to the home and you CAN BEAT THE HEAT! OzShut also guarantees its products with a FULL 10 YEAR GUARANTEE and after sales service.


Don’t put up with the summer heat any longer! Call us now on 13 20 68 or book an appointment online to see why the OzShut Roller Shutter is the best and most cost effective way to insulate your home during the summer heat.