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OzShut Battles the Perth Heatwave

OzShut Battles the Perth Heatwave

OzShut HeatwaveOzShut Battles the Perth Heatwave

With temperatures set to soar again, are you prepared for the Perth Heatwave? Many residents will be looking for ways to keep cool and beat the summer heat.

OzShut provides many residents a cost effective solution that stops the heat from entering the home IN ITS TRACKS! Roller Shutters are with out doubt proving their worth and keeping Perth Homeowners cool. Roller Shutters come in many different compositions from plastic to steel and of course aluminium. If you are considering roller shutters for protection from the Perth Heatwave, make sure you choose those that offer insulated slats.

OzShut Roller Shutters offer the highest quality slat and are made right here in Australia. Our slats are insulated with a High Density Polyurethane and is more robust than the cheaper foam insulated varieties. OzShut slats block out of UP TO 90% of heat transferring those uncovered windows of your home. OzShut slats are “exclusively” made and cannot be sourced anywhere else.

Canvas awnings, shade cloth, window tinting and heavy curtains all come off second best to an insulated OzShut Roller Shutter.

Your home will be better insulated and will also help keep those high running costs for air conditioning down. Many OzShut customers have said how they have saved on those nasty power bills.

Here is what some of our OzShut customers said:

…”Before you installed our roller shutters we had broken glass from our 10 year old son playing basketball. Our kids were up at 6am every morning due to the harsh sunlight beaming through the rooms and our house was always hot no matter how high our air conditioning was up. Now that our OzShut roller shutters are installed, the windows are protected and our kids are sleeping longer. Our house is cooler plus our air conditioning is on less and our bills are lower…”  H.Macneall & T.Harman

…”After spending a fortune on window tinting, a ceiling fan and an air conditioner to keep the all day sun from the master bedroom window, I finally decided to invest in an OzShut Roller Shutter. What a difference! The room is cool all day and night which results in a much better sleep! The staff were courteous and extremely professional from beginning to end! I can’t understand why I didn’t get an OzShut Roller Shutter years ago…” June I from Port Kennedy.

Call us now and you too can benefit from an OzShut Roller Shutter! Call 132068 and get COOL!