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Climate Change – We need to act NOW!

Climate Change – We need to act NOW!

IT’S official.

The world has just experienced its hottest five-year period in history — and there are no signs of things cooling off.

“Climate data that confirmed global average temperatures between 2013 and 2017 made up the hottest five-year period since monitoring began more than 100 years ago.”

In Australia, 2017 was the third hottest year on record. This means seven of the 10 hottest years have happened since 2005, according to the Climate Council.”

“This is human-caused climate change in action,”  “Climate is not weather, (which) can go up and down from year to year. What counts is the longer-term change, which is clearly upwards.”

“Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie said the global data release was timely after the Federal Government admitted that Australia’s greenhouse gas pollution levels were consistently rising, contributing to intensifying climate change.” “The window of opportunity to tackle climate change is rapidly closing,” Ms McKenzie said.

“The release of this data is yet another warning to the Federal Government to urgently slash Australia’s rising greenhouse gas pollution levels in a bid to protect Australians from escalating extreme weather events, placing lives at risk,” she said.

“Australia has an opportunity now to continue the transition to clean, affordable and reliable renewable energy and storage technology, instead of locking our country into a very dangerous future.”

Why is it happening?

From the Australian Governments Department of Environment and Energy website’s topics on Climate Change.  Understanding Climate ChangeIndividuals and households 

“Our climate is changing, largely due to the observed increases in human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas), agriculture and land clearing.”

“Australia’s households are responsible for around 12 per cent of emissions. Households release greenhouse gases through use of natural gas and other fuels and use of hydrofluorocarbons in refrigerators and air conditioners.”

“They also indirectly contribute to emissions through electricity consumption.”

“The majority of household-related emissions are associated with heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and hot water systems.”


Do your part

“Scientists agree that the worst effects of climate change can largely be avoided if carbon dioxide emissions are reduced to an acceptable level.”

“Everyone can take action to help address and adapt to climate change.”

“Actions such as installing solar panels on roof tops, citizen science activities like monitoring the condition of the Great Barrier Reef, buying fuel efficient cars and appliances, and supporting companies that have cut greenhouse gas emissions are some of the things individuals and households can do.”

“Many households have reduced their electricity consumption over the past seven years by using more efficient appliances in homes and increasing uptake of rooftop solar systems.”


How can OzShut Roller Shutters help?

OzShut Roller Shutter slats are insulated with Polyurethane. This is proven to prevent the transfer of heat through your windows by up to 90%! 

What does this mean? A large percentage of heat enters or escapes from your home through the glass windows. During Summer the hot suns rays, especially on windows that receive direct sunlight, cause those rooms to become unbearably hot. This means air conditioners need to run day and often night to keep the home at a comfortable temperature, using A LOT of electricity and in turn contributing to the release of greenhouse gasses and hydrofluorocarbons.

By installing OzShut Roller Shutters to keep up to 90% of the suns heat out your airconditioner will not need to run for as long. So not only will you reduce your electricity consumption and carbon footprint on the environment, you will also save yourself 30-40% on your airconditioning costs!

Similary during winter, OzShut Roller Shutters will keep the warm air from your homes heating from escaping through the glass windows. This will reduce the amount of electricity required to heat your home or gases/fuels burnt and emitted into the environment. As well as saving you money on your heating bills!

When you consider all the other benefits Roller Shutters provide including security, light control, noise reduction, privacy and increased home value, its easy to see why they are such a smart investment to make for your home and family.

Act NOW!

With Perth’s already long, hot summers resulting in the NEED for air conditioners we are a certainly a city that is using a lot of electricity and releasing hydrofluorocarbons into the atmosphere.  If we all take some responsibility and do our small part by reducing our households emissions of greenhouse gasses, maybe we can save our precious planet from the devastating effects of global warming.

Book your free measure & quote today and let us show you in more detail the benefits of OzShut Roller Shutters.

From an article published on News.com.au  “THE world has experienced its hottest five-year period ever”