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Common Home Security Mistakes

Common Home Security Mistakes

Don’t make your home an easy target for thieves!

A home burglary can be a terrifying experience. It can destroy your sense of safety within your own home and make you feel violated. Worse still, if you are home during a robbery the lives of you and your family could be at great risk!

Unfortunately, with Perth’s ever increasing population, an ongoing drug epidemic and a tough economy home burglaries and invasions are a very real threat.

By avoiding some common home security mistakes you can reduce your chances that a burglar will choose your home in favour of an easier target.


1. Leaving doors or windows unlocked – Seems obvious but many home break-ins occur because the homeowner has simply made it too easy for the burglar by forgetting to lock doors or windows. Often burglars are opportunistic and will go from house to house looking for quick and easy access.


2. Hiding a key outside – Especially under the front door mat! Any would be thief knows there’s a good chance a key may be hidden by the front door. So if you do need to leave a key outside make sure it is well concealed and not hidden in obvious places like under the mat, plant pots, rocks or ornaments. Better still give a spare key to a trusted neighbour.


3. Leaving a ladder or tools outside –  Be careful not to leave a ladder outside where a burglar can use it to gain access to upstairs windows or your roof. Similarly do not leave tools, that can be used to force entry into your home, lying around within easy reach.  Always make sure they are kept away inside a locked shed or garage.


4. Relying on a barking dog – It is common to see a ‘Beware of Dog’ sign on a garden fence or wall and although this may serve as a warning, today’s desperate thief is not deterred by the knowledge or barking of a dog on your property. If they want to gain access to your home they will find a way past them which may unfortunately result in injury to your pet.


5. Announcing you are not home on social media – All too common this day and age is to publicise your movements on social networking such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Whether a status update stating exactly where you are going and when, or posts and photos showing that you are on holiday or currently away from your home for an extended time. You can never be completely sure who may have seen the information you provide on a social media platform.


 6. Forgetting to turn on your Security System – If you have a working alarm, use it! Don’t get into the bad habit of forgetting (or not bothering) to arm it before you leave the house. If your home becomes the next target for thieves you will wish you had taken your security more seriously.


7. Putting valuables near a window – NEVER leave money, jewellery, laptops or other items of value within view and easy reach of windows. A burglar is usually looking for items that are easy to access and easy to carry so they can be in and out of your home as fast as possible.


 8. Providing hiding places in your garden – Large plants and bushes, although they may look nice, offer a home burglar a place to hide on your property, buying them time and possibly giving them the privacy to break into a door or window.



 9. Forgetting to stop the mail  (or have someone collect it) while you are away – A sure sign that your home is unoccupied is a build up of mail in the mailbox. Don’t forget to organise for a friend or family member to collect it for you regularly.



10. Leaving no lights on while you are away – Sometimes thieves will watch homes in a street over a few days to work out which ones are easy targets. If your house remains in darkness for a number of days and nights its a sure sign that your are away. A good idea is to set up some timers for your lights/lamps to come on and off during the evening and give the illusion that someone is home.


11. Not having enough outdoor lighting – A house with many dark unlit places to hide is very appealing to a burglar. It gives them privacy and time to scope out your property unseen. Consider installing motion sensor outdoor lights around your property.



12. Poor quality or fake security – As much as a fake alarm box or cameras might be effective at a first glance an experienced thief after closer inspection will very likely be able to tell the difference. Installing cheap, low quality locks means doors and windows are able to be broken or forced open easily.


Don’t rely on just one type of security!

As much as all of these tips are great to remember and put into place the BEST form of security is one that will STOP a thief from being able to gain access into your home!

Even if all doors and windows are well locked, the next most common entry point is to simply smash the glass of a window, often at the rear of the home. Sure an alarm system may then be triggered and even a monitoring company alerted however thieves realise they still have a window of oppertunity to grab easy to reach and carry items and flee the scene before anyone has responded to the alarm.

OzShut Roller Shutters are the only form of security to cover the entire window and completely prevent access to it while also having the flexibility to be opened to any level.  They are made from extremely strong aluminium and feature an automatic locking mechanism when fully closed that makes them virtually impossible to break through. You might choose to begin by having OzShut Roller Shutters installed to the front windows of your home to deter a burglar on the lookout for an easy target or prioritise the bedrooms for night time piece of mind.

Let us show you in more detail how Roller Shutters will provide the most complete protection for your home and family during your free in-home measure and quote. Simply fill in the form below or call us today on 13 20 68 to arrange a suitable day and time.

With thousands of Perth homes already secured by OzShut Roller Shutters, can you afford not to learn exactly why??

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