OzShut Roller Shutters can provide a modern, visually appealing and highly effective security solution for your business premises.

Made from high quality, strong aluminium manufactured by Croci Australia, OzShut Roller Shutters are designed to securely cover the entire window, door or other suitable opening making access by potential thieves virtually impossible. When fully closed they feature an automatic locking mechanism within the pelmet box that prevents the Roller Shutter from being lifted. The Roller Shutter also sits within a strong side rail that stops the potential for it to be pried away from the wall as well as a security bar at the bottom. OzShut now features an exclusive heavy duty side rail that is thicker and stronger than all standard Roller Shutters on the market today. This optional extra makes sure your business is safer than ever!

We will remove your old security bars or grills free of charge!

But you already have a monitored alarm system? Thats great! However the alarm will only sound and the monitoring company will only alert you once the break in has ALREADY taken place. Unfortunately there is still ample opportunity for thieves to take easy to access valuables or at least cause expensive damage! Not only will OzShut Roller Shutters prevent them access in the first place, they act as a fantastic visual deterrent that will hopefully stop anyone from even bothering to try and break in.

The appeal of Roller Shutters for commercial premises comes not only in their superior security use but also their flexibility and appearance. With a large range of colour options available there is always a combination to suit and enhance the look of any style building. While at the turn of a switch the Roller Shutters can be opened completely leaving the door, window or other access completely unobstructed. Unlike metal bars or grills which permanently and unappealingly cover the entire window or door. They can also be stopped at any level while still allowing some light and ventilation if direct sunlight and heat is a problem for your premises.

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Arrange a free measure and quote and let us show you in more detail exactly how OzShut Roller Shutters can be the perfect security solution for your commercial premises.

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