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A better sleep for your baby…and you!

 Is your child getting enough sleep?

‘On average, a young baby needs around 14 to 15 hours of sleep over a 24-hour period’ while ‘Toddlers need, on average, around 10 to 12 hours sleep per night, and still need daytime naps’

Insufficient sleep causes problems, ‘Children of all ages need adequate sleep and rest. Babies may have trouble feeding properly or finishing their feeds if they are tired. Older babies and toddlers may be more difficult to handle, since tiredness often translates into crankiness and tears.’

‘A child’s sleeping routine at night can be severely disrupted if they don’t get enough sleep during the day’ ‘Even if your child sleeps well at night, they still need a morning and or afternoon nap until at least around the age of two and a half to three years.’

How to create the perfect sleeping environment

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Merry Christmas! Festive Period Trading Hours

OzShut RollershuttersThe OzShut Team would like to wish all of its past, current and future customers a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Please be aware of our closure dates for the festive season.

We will be closed from Wednesday 20th December onwards and will be re-opening again on Monday 8th January 2018 normal trading hours.

Thank you for your continued support of a West Australian Owned & Operated Business. The OzShut Team will return to provide the very best quality roller shutters and outstanding customer service in 2018 that you have become to know and trust.

Climate Change – We need to act NOW!

IT’S official. The world has just experienced its hottest five-year period in history — and there are no signs of things cooling off.

From an article published on News.com.au  “THE world has experienced its hottest five-year period ever”

“Climate data that confirmed global average temperatures between 2013 and 2017 made up the hottest five-year period since monitoring began more than 100 years ago.”

In Australia, 2017 was the third hottest year on record. This means seven of the 10 hottest years have happened since 2005, according to the Climate Council.”

“This is human-caused climate change in action,”  “Climate is not weather, (which) can go up and down from year to year. What counts is the longer-term change, which is clearly upwards.”

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OzShut on Channel 9

9 Lends a Hand

About the show…

OzShut Roller Shutters was proud to be a part of a recent television special on Perth’s Channel Nine called ‘9 Lends a Hand’.

Presented by TV celebrity Rob Palmer, former The Block contestant Luke, Perth radio host Lisa Fernandez and a surprise visit from The Block’s Ronnie and Georgia. OzShut along with other Perth businesses and volunteers from the community surprised the Kelmscott Junior Football Club with a makeover of their club rooms. Continue reading OzShut on Channel 9

Worst Perth suburbs for break-ins!

Are you on the list?

Find out below…

Based on RAC home burglary insurance claims data for 2016, they compiled the list of the worst Perth suburbs for home break-ins.

“RAC Manager Home Claims, Glen Walker, said according to RAC insurance claims data for the year, Gosnells is up from fourth place in 2015 to number one, followed by Morley, Thornlie and Balga.Continue reading Worst Perth suburbs for break-ins!

OzShut Roller Shutters “Heavy Duty” Side Rail Option Upgrade!

OzShut Roller Shutters “Heavy Duty” Side Rail Now Available!

OzShut Roller Shutters "Heavy Duty"OzShut now makes available the most advanced enhancement for Security to your home with its new and EXCLUSIVE OzShut Roller Shutters “Heavy Duty” side rail.

Made of the same high quality marine grade aluminium as our standard side rail, the upgraded “Heavy Duty” version is deeper, wider and stronger than the competition.   Continue reading OzShut Roller Shutters “Heavy Duty” Side Rail Option Upgrade!

Can’t Sleep? OzShut have the Solution!

Can’t Sleep? OzShut Roller Shutters can help!

We live in a busy world where we are working harder and longer than ever. Medical Practitioners are now very much on the offensive with campaigns to make sure we get the rest our bodies need. But have you considered if your habits, where and when you actually go to sleep are the cause of the insomnia you seem to simply tolerate? OzShut has the answer!

According to the Sleep Health Foundation, there are 10 Simple things you can do to get that restful night’s sleep your body needs. One of the ten tips was, “You should have a quiet, dark room with comfortable bedding and good temperature control” Continue reading Can’t Sleep? OzShut have the Solution!

Can OzShut Roller Shutters Stop Home Thefts?

Can Roller Shutters Stop Burglars?

OzShut Roller Shutters

Home Security is something that all homeowners are ever conscious about. Unfortunately, we are not being exposed to a new kind of terror – Home Invasions!. This is a frightening reality, even in Perth WA.

There are many ways in which we can protect our home and family. Alarm systems, fences, locked gates, dogs, security screens and CCTV just to name a few. The objective put simply is to “stop thieves from entering the home”. Yet these items fail to do this.

Roller Shutters provide the best form of prevention when it comes to home protection from would be burglars. Continue reading Can OzShut Roller Shutters Stop Home Thefts?