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Security Roller Shutters

Keep your home & family safe by installing OzShut’s Security Roller Shutters.

With thousands of home break-ins throughout Perth each year, having adequate home security is a must. Not only do OzShut’s security Roller Shutters provide highly effective window & door protection, they are a modern, versatile and cost effective addition to any home. Continue reading Security Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters keep the heat in & the cold out

OzShut Roller Shutters can help you stay warmer through the Winter while saving on your heating costs. They are designed to prevent the transfer of heat through your windows, keeping the warmth in and the cold air out.

Why is your house always cold?

Windows are a very important aspect of any home. They let in natural light and fresh air as well as connecting the inside of the home with the outdoors. However windows are also a major source of unwanted heat gain in summer and significant heat loss in winter. 

More heat loss occurs through windows than any other surface in the home. A single pane of glass can lose almost ten times as much heat as the same area of insulated wall. With heat being lost as fast as it is produced for warmth, windows are a very significant component of home heating costs. Continue reading Roller Shutters keep the heat in & the cold out

Sleep better during the day

Tips to improve daytime sleep when working nights.

How does shift work affect sleep?

Generally, the body is programmed to sleep best overnight and to be most alert during the day. Shift work isn’t easy because it involves working against your body’s natural rhythm. You need to be active and alert at night when your body is designed to sleep — and need to sleep in the day when you’re wired to be awake. Continue reading Sleep better during the day

Home Burglary – Are you at risk?

Don’t make your home an easy target for a break-in by making these common home security mistakes!

A home burglary can be a terrifying experience. It can destroy your sense of safety within your own home and make you feel violated. Worse still, if you are home during a robbery the lives of you and your family could be at great risk!

Unfortunately, with Perth’s ever increasing population, an ongoing drug epidemic and a tough economy home burglaries and invasions are a very real threat.
By avoiding these all too common home security mistakes you can reduce your chances that a burglar will choose your home in favour of an easier target. Continue reading Home Burglary – Are you at risk?

OzShut on Channel 9

9 Lends a Hand

About the show…

OzShut Roller Shutters was proud to be a part of a recent television special on Perth’s Channel Nine called ‘9 Lends a Hand’.

Presented by TV celebrity Rob Palmer, former The Block contestant Luke, Perth radio host Lisa Fernandez and a surprise visit from The Block’s Ronnie and Georgia. OzShut along with other Perth businesses and volunteers from the community surprised the Kelmscott Junior Football Club with a makeover of their club rooms. Continue reading OzShut on Channel 9

Worst Perth suburbs for break-ins!

Are you on the list?

Find out below…

Based on RAC home burglary insurance claims data for 2016, they compiled the list of the worst Perth suburbs for home break-ins.

“RAC Manager Home Claims, Glen Walker, said according to RAC insurance claims data for the year, Gosnells is up from fourth place in 2015 to number one, followed by Morley, Thornlie and Balga.Continue reading Worst Perth suburbs for break-ins!

OzShut Wins – “National Dealer of the Year” 2016

OzShut wins “National Dealer of the Year” 2016.

OzShut Many Croci Awards
10 Awards and Counting!

OzShut is pleased to announce that it has yet again been awarded the “National Dealer of the Year” award for 2016 by Croci Australia Pty Ltd. This award highlight’s OzShut’s successful partnership it has forged with Croci Australia Pty Ltd. This award clearly demonstrates OzShut Roller Shutters’ size and turnover from our supplier, Croci Australia Pty Ltd. Nobody does it bigger and better in Australia than OzShut. This is the highest accolade given by Croci. Continue reading OzShut Wins – “National Dealer of the Year” 2016

New Premises – OzShut Grows Again!

New Premises!

To all our Valued Clients,

OzShut has now moved into its brand new premises. Brand New Head Office and Production Facility!

Our new address is 83 Truganina Road, Malaga WA 6090. Our phone numbers have NOT changed.

This new office build has been some 16 months in the making and we have all been working tirelessly to bring this to fruition.  Our new production facility is now fully stocked with a complete supply of quality Australian Made Roller Shutter components and profiles.

Look out for some photos of the new premises to come and check out our Facebook page also which we will endeavour to showcase to you why we are Perth’s No.1 company for Roller Shutters!

Feel free to drop in and say hello and check out the new office!