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A better sleep for your baby…and you!

A better sleep for your baby…and you!

 Is your child getting enough sleep?

‘Sleep is important for health and wellbeing at every age, but babies, children and adults sleep differently. The amount of time we spend in light and deep sleep varies depending on age. Babies are biologically programmed to sleep more lightly and wake more often than adults.’

‘On average, a young baby needs around 14 to 15 hours of sleep over a 24-hour period’ while ‘Toddlers need, on average, around 10 to 12 hours sleep per night, and still need daytime naps’

Insufficient sleep causes problems, ‘Children of all ages need adequate sleep and rest. Babies may have trouble feeding properly or finishing their feeds if they are tired. They become over-tired very quickly which can make falling asleep and staying asleep harder. Older babies and toddlers may be more difficult to handle, since tiredness often translates into crankiness and tears.’

‘A child’s sleeping routine at night can be severely disrupted if they don’t get enough sleep during the day’ ‘Even if your child sleeps well at night, they still need a morning and or afternoon nap until at least around the age of two and a half to three years.’

Create the perfect sleeping environment

‘A child’s sleep environment is a point to be considered when we think about ways to establish healthy sleep habits.’ ‘Current research shows that a healthy sleep environment is important for adults, children, toddlers and babies alike’.

‘When we think about a healthy sleep environment we need to consider room temperature, sounds, lights, and anything else that could wake up and stimulate your child’s brain.’


Ideally ‘Room temperature should be between 20-22 degrees’.

During the summer months, sun that enters directly through your child’s bedroom window can make their room uncomfortably hot during both the day and night, resulting in shortened nap times and a disrupted nights sleep. OzShut Roller Shutters are insulated to prevent that transfer of heat by up to 90%! This will keep bedrooms cool and comfortable as well as save you 30-40% on the running costs of your air-conditioner.

Throughout Winter bedrooms can become extremely cold, especially in the early hours of the morning when minimum temperatures are reached.  Very young infants are unable to retain their own body heat so it is important to keep them warm enough, especially when temperatures are low. Until they are a certain age babies and toddlers tend to move around in their cot or bed and never seem to keep blankets over them! Being too cold is another possible reason for night time waking. The majority of heat loss in the home happens through the glass of your windows. OzShut Roller Shutters will help to retain the heat inside your home by up to 90%, again saving you on the costs of heating by around 30-40%.

Being able to keep their bedrooms at a comfortable temperature will allow for a more peaceful and hopefully longer sleep!


As they grow many babies become light sensitive waking very early in the morning, having unsettled day sleeps or refusing to nap altogether. In the daytime a darkened room will help your child sleep.

OzShut Roller Shutters give you 100% control over the amount of light you let into your child’s bedroom. When fully closed Roller Shutters are capable of blocking out even the brightest morning sunlight or they can be ventilated to allow some filtered light and air through.

‘Try dimming the lights as you get your baby or young child ready for bed’ ‘By darkening the room, you reduce the amount of stimulation around your child, which will help calm and settle them. A darkened room also tells your child that it’s time for rest.’


Just as with adults, babies and toddlers can be sensitive to noise as well. A quiet room will help your child to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Children can sleep with some noise but are often woken by loud or sudden sounds. The insulation inside the Roller Shutter not only prevents the transfer of heat, it will also stop noise travel by up to 50%. By blocking out the sounds of traffic or other early risers, OzShut Roller Shutters can help your child sleep longer in the mornings as well as stopping outside daytime noises from disrupting naps.

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Creating an ideal sleeping environment for your baby will help encourage healthy sleeping habits. By controlling the temperature, light and noise in their bedrooms you can eliminate those factors which sometimes cause difficulty falling asleep or premature waking.

Book your free measure & quote and let us show you exactly how OzShut Roller Shutters will prove to be a great asset in the sometimes daunting task of getting your child to go to sleep and stay asleep!

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