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OzShut Releases NEW OzScreen Product!

New Product Release! OzScreen available from October!

OzShut OzScreen

OzShut is pleased to announce the new release Lifestyle OzScreen to its range of quality home improvements.


  • Up to 85% Light Control and Shade Factor
  • Up to 95% Heat Control & UV Block
  • High Velocity wind resistance – 154kg loading
  • Interlocking zip track – no pulleys or ropes
  • Heat Welded – no stitching, no rot, wear or leakage
  • Reduce Energy Consumption all year round
  • Daytime Privacy
  • Custom made for each application
  • Wide range of colours available
  • Fully Extruded aluminium product in a range of colours
  • Made in Australia
  • Range of Electric and Remote Control Options as wells as Manual Tension

Turn Your Alfresco or Patio into an Outdoor Sanctuary! You Deserve it!

The New OzShut Lifestyle “OzScreen” is a welcomed addition to any outdoor entertaining area. Home Owners can also be use these on windows and sliding doors.

The OzScreen also incorporates a PVC coated high tensile polyester mesh designed for all outdoor applications. With high UV and water resistance characteristics, it is an ideal fabric for all weather conditions. The woven high-tech fabric breathes allowing continuous  airflow and ventilation in and out of your home. The woven fabric as a result will keep pests like mosquitoes or flies out of the home. The fabric is scratch and water resistant. Users will find it leaves no marks after rain and due to its PVC base, dust and dirt can easily be blown away.

Total control at the touch of a button, the OzScreen allows you to control the amount of sunlight and ventilation with complete privacy. No more restrictions on those lovely views. There are also manual options.

The OzScreen provides a screening solution to protect your entertaining areas and home from the harsh Australian sun. By deterring heat and harmful UV rays, you now have total control on the temperature and mood lighting you can create. They will significantly reduce your energy consumption and protect your carpets, furniture and flooring from the blistering hot sun.

Therefore with this much anticipated release, stock will probably move fast. Get in early for the summer and register your interest here.

You can also call us direct on 13 20 68.

OzShut Roller Shutters “Heavy Duty” Side Rail Option Upgrade!

OzShut Roller Shutters “Heavy Duty” Side Rail Now Available!

OzShut Roller Shutters "Heavy Duty"OzShut now makes available the most advanced enhancement for Security to your home with its new and EXCLUSIVE OzShut Roller Shutters “Heavy Duty” side rail.

Made of the same high quality marine grade aluminium as our standard side rail, the upgraded “Heavy Duty” version is deeper, wider and stronger than the competition.  For a small cost, look at these fantastic upgrades:

  • Reinforced, thicker front edge making it more difficult to pull out the curtain;
  • Double felted tracks for strength and support of the slat;
  • Eliminating any rattle;
  • Enhanced weather protection in severe storms;
  • 63mm width rather than the standard 53mm;
  • 26mm depth rather than the standard 22mm;
  • 3mm nominal thickness rather than the 1.5mm;
  • Front security lip boasting a 5mm nominal thickness!

Are you concerned about the security of your home and family?

Home Invasions are becoming a very real threat to the security of our homes and families. Are you protected? Don’t become a statistic! You can have total peace of mind knowing that protecting your windows and doorways from attack, will stop burglars in their tracks! Protect your treasured family belongings from burglars! Reduce your Insurance Premiums with confidence! Go on holidays knowing you will not come home to total despair!

OzShut Roller Shutters now offers this upgrade option to further enhance the safety of your home. For a limited time only, upgrade to the “Heavy Duty” side rail option for only $85 per roller shutter. This upgrade is only available with automated electric roller shutters.

Request a free consultation today!


Can’t Sleep? OzShut have the Solution!

Can’t Sleep? OzShut Roller Shutters can help!

We live in a busy world where we are working harder and longer than our parents ever did. Medical Practitioners are now very much on the offensive with campaigns to make sure we get the rest our bodies need. I get it…WE ALL NEED A REST. But have you considered if your habits, where and when you actually go to sleep are the cause of the insomnia you seem to simply tolerate? OzShut has the answer!

According to the Sleep Health Foundation, there are 10 Simple things you can do to get that restful night’s sleep your body needs. One of the ten tips was, “You should have a quiet, dark room with comfortable bedding and good temperature control.

OzShut Roller Shutters has been providing a solution to this common problem through its high quality product since 2006. With many “Shiftworkers” turning to the OzShut Roller Shutter for quality sleep, it is easy to see why.

OzShut provide the best roller shutters Perth offers, with our product providing:

  • UP TO 100% light blockout to which you can control to your requirement(s);
  • UP TO 90% reduction in heat/cold transfer through the window. Great for those hot summer days & freezing cold nights;
  • UP TO 50% noise reduction from unwanted neighbourly disturbances. Dogs barking, cars screeching, alarms sounding etc;

Still not convinced? Have a read through what our customer testimonials.

End of Financial Year Sale Now On!

Now is the time to do something about it! No more sleep problems, no more feeling tired and grumpy, it doesn’t have to be that way. Let us show you why OzShut Roller Shutters are the No.1 choice in quality window roller shutters. OzShut has completed over 70,000 installations across the Perth Metro Area.

Call OzShut Roller Shutters NOW on 13 20 68 and talk to our friendly Customer Service Team to arrange your in-home appointment. We even offer “No Interest – Ever!” terms through Certegy Ezi Pay. (To approved applicants only)

Window Security Shutters Providing Family Security

Are you the next target for thieves? Security Roller Shutters Say No!

Perth is no longer the sleepy city that everyone fondly remembers in the childhood years.

Home Burglaries are now occurring in Perth every 13 minutes, with 20% of these taking place while homeowners are home! Scary!  Security roller shutters may be the answer you’re looking for.

Uncovered windows and doors are targets and just placing the old security screen on the opening half of the window will no longer stop them. Thieves are more brazen than ever before and will have no issue breaking glass to gain access to your valuable home contents. Lost possessions of memorial value can be devastating to some. Being attacked in your home can be fatal and debilitating.

Home Alarm Systems and Cameras are no longer providing any real benefit to homeowners. Notifying you if a would be thief does enter your home and taking a photo only to realise he has a “hoodie” on simply does not stop them. Homeowners need to be more vigilant and smarter about their home security needs.

OzShut Roller Shutters have the answer! We can now stop them at the window ! You can have total peace of mind…

OzShut Roller Shutters provide a premium product that will not only cover the ENTIRE window, but contain automatic locking features that prohibit the roller shutter from being lifted when locked. OzShut has completed in excess of 70,000 installations across Perth. Some Insurance companies are now recognising the trend, offering discounts on Home & Contents Insurance. Check with your Insurance Provider to see if you can save on your premiums.

We hear feedback daily from our clients on how it has made a difference to them. Read some here.

Be Prepared! Be Vigilant! Don’t be the next statistic!


Call OzShut today and make your fee in-home assessment and discover why some many Perth Homeowners trust OzShut to protect their home and family.

Call now on 13 20 68!



Can OzShut Roller Shutters Stop Home Thefts?

Can Roller Shutters Stop Burglars?

OzShut Roller Shutters

Home Security is something that all homeowners are ever conscious about. Unfortunately, we are not being exposed to a new kind of terror – Home Invasions. This is a frightening reality, even in Perth WA. Just the other day there was an occurrence in Victoria Park where a woman was robbed in her own home.

There are many ways in which we can protect our home and family. Alarm systems, fences, locked gates, dogs, security screens and CCTV just to name a few. The objective put simply is to “stop thieves from  entering the home”. Yet these items fail to do this.

Roller Shutters provide the best form of prevention when it comes to home protection from would be burglars. Many homeowners are now being exposed to “home invasions” where burglaries are taking place while the homeowner is present. There are 3 key features of a roller shutter that literally “stop them at the window”

3 key features of security Roller Shutter:

  • Roller Shutters must lock once closed. The OzShut Roller Shutter has locking springs that prohibit the shutter curtain from being lifted from the outside once it is fully closed.
  • A strong and extruded bottom security bar. This is standard with all OzShut Roller Shutter and eliminates the curtain being pulled from the side guides.
  • Deep Channel Guides. OzShut Roller Shutters use a deep channel guide thus making it more difficult to pull the curtain from the guides.

Roller Shutters do many other things on a security level. The offer a visual deterrent to opportunistic thieves, unable to see if you are home. A homeowner can ensure privacy by opening or closing the roller shutter at will. Insurance premiums can be reduced considerably where home security is increased. Insurance companies are now recognising the usefulness of roller shutters as a home protection product. It would be worth checking with your insurance company to see if you could benefit in a reduced premium.

Don’t be a statistic. Protect your home and family. Call OzShut Roller Shutters on 13 20 68 and make your home safe and sound.


OzShut Battles the Perth Heatwave

OzShut HeatwaveOzShut Battles the Perth Heatwave

With temperatures set to soar again, are you prepared for the Perth Heatwave? Many residents will be looking for ways to keep cool and beat the summer heat.

OzShut provides many residents a cost effective solution that stops the heat from entering the home IN ITS TRACKS! Roller Shutters are with out doubt proving their worth and keeping Perth Homeowners cool. Roller Shutters come in many different compositions from plastic to steel and of course aluminium. If you are considering roller shutters for protection from the Perth Heatwave, make sure you choose those that offer insulated slats.

OzShut Roller Shutters offer the highest quality slat and are made right here in Australia. Our slats are insulated with a High Density Polyurethane and is more robust than the cheaper foam insulated varieties. OzShut slats block out of UP TO 90% of heat transferring those uncovered windows of your home. OzShut slats are “exclusively” made and cannot be sourced anywhere else.

Canvas awnings, shade cloth, window tinting and heavy curtains all come off second best to an insulated OzShut Roller Shutter.

Your home will be better insulated and will also help keep those high running costs for air conditioning down. Many OzShut customers have said how they have saved on those nasty power bills.

Here is what some of our OzShut customers said:

…”Before you installed our roller shutters we had broken glass from our 10 year old son playing basketball. Our kids were up at 6am every morning due to the harsh sunlight beaming through the rooms and our house was always hot no matter how high our air conditioning was up. Now that our OzShut roller shutters are installed, the windows are protected and our kids are sleeping longer. Our house is cooler plus our air conditioning is on less and our bills are lower…”  H.Macneall & T.Harman

…”After spending a fortune on window tinting, a ceiling fan and an air conditioner to keep the all day sun from the master bedroom window, I finally decided to invest in an OzShut Roller Shutter. What a difference! The room is cool all day and night which results in a much better sleep! The staff were courteous and extremely professional from beginning to end! I can’t understand why I didn’t get an OzShut Roller Shutter years ago…” June I from Port Kennedy.

Call us now and you too can benefit from an OzShut Roller Shutter! Call 132068 and get COOL!


OzShut Roller Shutters Block Out Heat by up to 90%

Is your Home turning into an oven? Can OzShut Roller Shutters help?Heat

Did you know that radiant heat from the Sun transpires through your home’s glass windows? Regardless of whether you have some sort of window treatments like a blind, heat still enters the home. As the air in the home is heated up it rises. In most cases is kept in the home by the roof insulation which has now been mandatory in all new home builds. OzShut Roller Shutters can help!

The OzShut Roller Shutter can instantly reduce this heat transference by UP TO 90%. OzShut uses a HIGH DENSITY POLYURETHANE as STANDARD in all its slats which are exclusively made for OzShut. Most homes today have some sort of air conditioning (whether it be reverse cycle or an evaporative system) but these can be costly to not only install but also to run. Rising electricity prices are affecting everyone it seems. Homeowners with OzShut Roller Shutters are providing feedback that some are saving as much as 40% off their power bills as the air con is not working as hard or as long.

Air Conditioning works extremely well with the OzShut Roller Shutter. It blocks out the heat but allows the internal air of the home to be cooled down. Air con thermostats can then maintain the required 23 degrees quite easily. This means the air con works more efficiently and is able to maintain the desired temperature you want.

Investing in the OzShut Roller Shutter will add value to the home and you CAN BEAT THE HEAT! OzShut also guarantees its products with a FULL 10 YEAR GUARANTEE and after sales service.


Don’t put up with the summer heat any longer! Call us now on 13 20 68 or book an appointment online to see why the OzShut Roller Shutter is the best and most cost effective way to insulate your home during the summer heat.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

OzShut Rollershutters

OzShut Staff and Management would like to wish all of our valued clients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Please be aware that our office will be closed for the Christmas period from 17th December 2016 and will resume trading on Monday 9th January 2017 from 8:30am.

Urgent enquiries can be sent through by email to internet@ozshut.com.au 

Kind Regards,

OzShut Staff & Management.

OzShut Wins – “National Dealer of the Year” 2016

OzShut wins “National Dealer of the Year” 2016.

OzShut Many Croci Awards
10 Awards and Counting!

OzShut is pleased to announce that it has yet again been awarded the “National Dealer of the Year” award for 2016 by Croci Australia Pty Ltd. This award highlight’s OzShut’s successful partnership it has forged with Croci Australia Pty Ltd. This award clearly demonstrates OzShut Roller Shutters’ size and turnover from our supplier, Croci Australia Pty Ltd. Nobody does it bigger and better in Australia than OzShut. This is the highest accolade given by Croci.

Mr Geoff Tarquini, Managing Director of Croci Australia Pty Ltd, presented the award to Mr Jason Gullotti, CEO of OzShut Pty Ltd this afternoon. This award now adds to the many other we have amassed. OzShut now has been awarded this award each and every year since 2007! 10 YEARS IN A ROW!!!

It certainly has been a big year for OzShut! Continual growth meant OzShut has now relocated to its brand new state of the art Head Office and Production Facility in Malaga, WA. It has expanded its stock holding to cater for the increasing demand home owners are now seeking. If you are asking yourself why, please read on. This year, OzShut celebrated its 10 year anniversary and we certainly have come a long way.

OzShut’s Roller Shutter Benefits:

Security Protection, Heat & Cold Insulation Protection, Light Control, Noise Control, Weather Protection and the list goes on. It certainly is the number 1 home improvement product for the home and Australian Homeowners are certainly purchasing this fantastic product in droves. They are choosing OzShut as their preferred choice and it is easy to see why.

Croci National Dealer of the year award 2016Why Choose OzShut?

  • WA Owned & Operated;
  • Australian Made right here in Malaga;
  • Rapid 5 Day Install Guarantee;
  • Comprehensive 10 Year Guarantee on product;
  • Exclusive Slat design only available through OzShut;
  • Exclusive Motor Design only available through OzShut;
  • Backed up After Sales Service with in house Technicians;
  • A growing local company with 100+ dedicated staff to ensure your total customer satisfaction!

In Conclusion, the OzShut Team would like to thank our loyal customers, past and present for their continual faith in us and our brand. We will continue to strive and further enhance our product quality to bring you only the very best of products and customer service. We have received many emails and letters from our many satisfied customers this year. This feedback is enormously encouraging and provides continual motivation to be the best in Australia. We would love to here more feedback so please send us a message on our Facebook Page.

OzShut Happy Customer – Craig T. of Warwick WA

OzShut Happy Customer

“OzShut offers a great product, warranty and service which we highly recommend. Other family members have previously had shutters installed with OzShut and they look great. The staff were all very friendly and professional, especially Kate who organised our quote. The quotation meeting and installation dates were scheduled at times that suited our schedules, with great communication and notice. 

We highly recommend OzShut and their roller shutters.

Thank you to all the staff at OzShut for a great overall experience.”

Craig T. of Warwick WA